The Best Hotels In The Middle East

Thanks to the recent oil boom, the Middle East is experiencing a stint of development and popularity that it has never witnessed before. When you consider the fact that business and tourism has climbed by more than 18% since 2005, attracting more than 41 million visitors annually, you have got to acknowledge that tourism is big business in the Middle East.

As a result, hotels in the Middle East are breathing a fresh breath of life. There is renewed interest in the palatial, decadent style of living where indulgence is the watchword. The palatial hotels that you find in many parts of the Middle East can literally take you back to the time of royalty and aristocrats. To facilitate this feeling, many sites have undertaken restoration of ancient structures and cave dwellings and liberally sprinkled their precincts with antiques.

Some of the top hotels in the Middle East make use of the region’s natural flora and fauna to being home the beauty of the desert. For instance, some of them are structured like a vast Bedouin camp that has been cunningly fitted with all the modern amenities like air conditioning. To top it all, new hotels are coming up at breakneck speed. This intense competitiveness is converting certain places into a hub of great hotels. Dubai is a great example.

Cities like Dubai have gone far ahead of many countries when it comes to innovation. With the successful construction of The Burj Al Arab, Dubai has set a new landmark for luxury hotels in the Middle East. The Burj is new and it might make your eyes pop but the general trend in the Middle East is to convert existing structures. The Emir Amin palace Hotel in Lebanon was the earliest harbinger of these kinds of luxury hotels � local monument combined with upscale hotel facilities.

Another wonderful example of the plush luxury that you can find in the hotels of the Middle East is the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul. This 282 room megalith was a real palace that was restored at a whopping cost of $105 million (this was in the early 1990’s). The view from the hotel rooms is stunning and the restoration work has been so brilliantly done that you could almost hear the guards at the palace gates!

If it’s authentic desert ambience that you want, Dubai offers you the Al Maha Desert Resort � a Bedouin tent where you can indulge in falconry and camel riding.

As you can see, tourism in the Middle East is just taking off. It’s interesting and wonderful to see that many of these places can boast of such splendor even in their infancy. Luxury hotels in the Middle East, and more particularly in Dubai, have come a long way from their ancient past. In the span of a mere 5-7 years, a good number of amazing hotels have been silently harboring a revolution of sorts in these mysterious, virgin lands.