Amazing Hotels Are Found In Barcelona

Before you set out on your holiday to Barcelona to enjoy this bustling city complete with architectural wonders and culture, you might want to check out this itinerary. I’ve done it twice and hope to try it again in the future. When you first arrive at the Barcelona Airport, ‘El Prat’, you should go to a great hotel at the Port Aventura theme park. You can also check out Europcar’s special car rental rates for those people staying at Port Aventura. There are several four star hotels located at Port Aventura and they offer various package deals that combine hotel rooms, breakfast, as well as tickets to Port Aventura and the Caribe Aquatic Park. This water park is great for the whole family.

The Port Aventura Hotel is furnished and decorated in a classic Mediterranean colonial style. The El Paso Hotel uses a mix of Mexican and pre-Colombian décor for its unique look. Finally try the Caribe Port Hotel if you want to try out the largest white sand swimming pool in the world! Even if you tried to book a hotel in the heart of the city you couldn’t get this kind of stay. The peak season is designated as ‘A,’ and during this time one night with two days in the park would be around 136 for a single room, 218 for a double room, and 68 Euros for a child. You can also arrange other offers for up to 4 people sharing a room including children. During the low season, the El Paso offers a rate that would end up being 84 Euros for a couple and 42 Euros for a child. You really can’t beat those deals. You can relax totally at these hotels and enjoy the park.

More Barcelona Hotel Choices

I really broke the bank when I stayed at the Arts Hotel in Barcelona. For a great view of the port area I was assured that any double room, suite, or apartment would do. The incredible facilities and great staff helped perfect my experience. I had to try out the Goyescas restaurant and everything on the menu looked amazing. I tried out the house specialty and would definitely recommend it on your visit to Barcelona!

All along the Costa Brava and in the bustling city of Barcelona are some of the best hotels and restaurants one can find in the world. This past year was a special period of both international and national promotion of Catalan food and wine by the town hall and tourism bureau. I think any time is a great time to sample excellent finds from Barcelona. When you are there you can stop by Can Ravell or the Club del Gourmet to have a further sampling!

New Summer Holiday Programmes Launched By St Lucia Hotels

In order to entice more summer holidaymakers to stay in St Lucia this season, hotels and restaurants as well as some of the most exciting tours and attractions have stepped their game to offer tourists with special deals aimed at a local audience. Trying to tap into the local market with special “Staycation” offers, the ultimate goal for many St Lucia holidays is to raise awareness of their services among local residents and in many cases build a long-lasting relationship with their home guests.

This annual summer promotion has been launched in previous years and continues to grow in popularity. For this reason, many hotels in St Lucia have revved up their offers to their loyal local clientele to now include special spa treatments at some of the island’s most indulgent spa facilities.

The Staycation summer holiday deals in St Lucia will officially kick off on 1st July and will run until 30th September 2012.

At the moment the St Lucia Tourist Board is working with the many St Lucia hotels, tour operators, spas, restaurants and other organisations specialised in adding to the St Lucia holiday experience, in order to create the different tailor-made holiday packages that will offer exclusive summer deals to residents. Some of these specials will include hotel stays starting from just $30 US dollars per night per room and exclusive discounts on popular attractions and tours. In addition there are also some all inclusive holiday deals as part of the promotion.

The launch of Staycation coincides with the launch of another summer promotion called Summerlicious; yet another summer programme created by the St Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association (SLHTA), designed to expose both locals and visitors alike to the diversity of St Lucian cuisine as influenced by Afro, European, French and Caribbean heritage.

As part of the Summerlicious programme those enjoying holidays in St Lucia during the summer season will get to enjoy authentic St Lucian culinary delights with reduced prix fixed prices on lunch and dinner summer menus at some of the finest restaurants island-wide. Visitors can sample a two course lunch for EC$50-$65 and a three course dinner from EC$95, $125 and $145. In addition, all meals include a high-quality signature cocktail made with St Lucia’s award winning Chairman’s Reserve Rum. Ahead of the imposition of the Value Added Tax in October of this year, Summerlicious has been hailed as the, “Pre VAT Dine Out”.

Tourism Director Louis Lewis said Staycation/Summerlicious offers that unique opportunity for nationals; and in the case of Summerlicious visitors alike, the chance to experience the island’s varied tourism product.

“It is noteworthy to see the excitement amongst the hotels, restaurants, sites, attractions and spas to these two programs as we work together to execute these exciting summer promotions. The fact that more and more of our tourism partners are eager to participate in the promotions is testament to their success and the value they place on the on-island clientele.” – Lewis said.

Participating hotels and restaurants in St Lucia for the Staycation/Summerlicious 2012 include both small and large properties and are located throughout the island from Cap Estate in the north to Vieux Fort in the south.

We Are Very Excited About Our Trip To Dubai: The Arabian City With The Most Awesome Skyscrapers

For many years now I have been reading about how truly beautiful Dubai is. I really never thought I would ever go there seeing all the glamour, the sheer luxury and the unaffordable five-star (and even seven-star) range of Dubai hotels. But two months ago my boss came to me and told they had decided to open up a factory in Dubai, and he wanted me to go there for a month to help get things started.

My wife and I were pretty excited about these free Dubai holidays, fully paid-for by the company because my boss said that my wife could come and visit me anytime she wanted while I was there trying to secure a deal for our new business base in Dubai. My wife works from home, so she would easily be able to come and visit me for a couple of the weeks that I was going to be in Dubai and probably even longer. We are event talking about it as our second honeymoon, we’re really that excited about the whole thing.

I wanted to find a great place for us to stay at, so I went online and did a Google search for Dubai holidays and hotels to see what we could be in for. We had a limited budget that the company assigned to us but there was plenty of room in it for us to fiddle and get a good deal and still enjoy a couple of night’ stays at some of the most decadent and ridiculously expensive hotels. We figured that by me staying at one of the cheaper end hotels most of the time than when my wife came to visit me we could splurge in a spectacular five-star hotel for a day or two and enjoy fine gourmet dinners at some of the country’s most amazing fine dining restaurants.

Thanks to a website I found an amazing hotel for our stay in Dubai. This is going to be a great working trip for both of us. We’re literally biting our nails off with excitement!

An Overview Of The Best Hotels In Paris

Paris is one of the most favored tourist locations across the world. Every year, millions of travelers from across the world come over to Paris for a romantic and memorable trip of their life. This City of Lights is extremely well connected with the metro system; therefore, tourists have an option to choose a hotel in any part of the city that suits their budget.

If you are planning for a vacation in this fashion city, it is suggested that you do some research for the best hotel Paris. Based on your budget, you can select from a multitude of hotels that provide a varying degree of services and deals. You should also try to make the hotel reservations in advance, especially if you plan to travel during the spring, fall, or Christmas time. These are considered to be the busiest times in Paris and you may not find one of the best hotels in Paris without an advance reservation.

If you are looking for the most luxurious hotels de Paris, Meurice is just the one for you! The location of this amazing hotel that overlooks Jardin des Tuileries and is next to rue de Rivoli, makes it superior to all other hotels. The world-class interiors of the Meurice have an exclusive mixture of gold, marble, and glass that are a treat to watch. The rooms and suites of this world-class hotel, which have rich traditional interior and ethnic furnishings, take you back to the 18th century. This hotel boasts of a great restaurant that offers mouth-watering delicacies and an amazing bar that has a collection of the best French wines.

The Lancaster is another of the best hotels in Paris that provides world-class accommodation and in-room entertainment. This hotel has a huge guest list of celebrities who at one time or the other stayed in this magnificient hotel. The Lancaster boasts of rich traditional furniture and a red leather lift that takes you to your bedroom. The restaurant has a mouth-watering menu card that will make you want to eat more and more and makes the Lancaster one of the best hotels de Paris.

For another best hotel Paris, try out the Ritz. The reason that sets the Ritz apart from other hotels and makes it one of the best hotels in Paris is its tradition, legendary past, and prestige. This palace hotel is located on the gorgeous Place Vendome and is at a walking distance from the leading historical monuments and shopping centers in Paris. The Ritz has a great deal of elegantly decorated rooms along with specialty suites like Coco Chanel, Windsor, and Imperial. It offers outstanding facilities for dining, recreation, and fitness.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best hotel Paris for your dream vacation, try out any of the ones mentioned above. These hotels offer you with world-class facilities and services and make sure that you get value for your money. By choosing from one of these hotels de Paris, you will surely make your vacation a memorable and unforgettable one.

Amazing Hotels In Dubai

Hotels in Dubai provide a remarkable glimpse of the amazing metropolis of Dubai. The amazing development that has occurred in the city in recent years has helped fuel a growth boom that has generated thousands of jobs and built some of the tallest buildings in the world. Dubai has some of the most exquisitely designed and well constructed hotel facilities in the modern world.

Through the wonderful advancements of engineering technologies and he glut of funds available to the Emirate of Dubai, there have been commissioned some of the most extravagant hotels in existence. From 24 Karat gold bathrooms, to seven star hotels with suites reserved only for the Empress of Japan, there is a world of accommodation available to those willing to pay for the privilege.

With rooms priced higher than the income of most of the planet, the Burj Dubai is not a haven for the low budget backpacker. Built on its own island, with helipad vociferously jutting out of the edge, the Architecture on the skyscraper is impressive. Designed for the ultra rich tourists of the world, the hotel boasts as being the ultimate in luxury accommodation. Providing for all aspects of one’s luxury experience the hotel caters only to the most discerning of clientele.

Dubai has been experiencing major growth as a tourist destination and has foreseen the post oil world. By investing in major development projects now, the city state is preparing for a significantly different future, where Oil is scarce and valuable. The nexus of the world has always been the Arabian world. By developing the infrastructure to last for many years in the highly volatile world of peak oil, the State is looking to secure its position as a trading and transportation hub.

Ensuring that the requisites of a mega city will be sufficient to last through the oil descent are grandiose ideas, and Dubai has not entirely succeeded in its modernization efforts. Though there has been extravagant construction of majestic buildings, certain basic necessities of a functional city have been left undeveloped.

Extremely energy intensive systems for the desalination of water are required to provide enough potable drinking water. This places a huge burden on the oil supply, as the electricity used to perform the desalination is generated via petrochemical based power plants.

Beyond this energy intensive water production, there are even simpler fundamentals that have been overlooked in the recent development of Dubai. Most major cities have large scale waste water processing facilities that treat the myriad of outputs created by human existence. The development of a black algal bloom that has covered numerous parts of the Dubai foreshore is a result of wastewater discharge straight into the ocean.

Without major infrastructural investment in the less glamorous parts of a mega city, Dubai will be left as a city with magnificent hotels that no one wishes to visit. With simple planning foresight, the city will be a bedazzling jewel for hundreds of years into the future, as it has been for hundreds of years already.